Writing Bachelortheses.

Bachelortheses are written within the course "Special Topics in Business Informatics - Theory and Practice". In contrast to Mastertheses a separate application is not necessary. Topics are presented and assigned in the first appointment.

In the first part of the course one or two seminal papers (in accordance with the topic of the Bachelorthesis) have to be reviewed and presented.

In the second part of the course the Bachelorthesis has to be written (approximately 20 pages if a prototype is developed and 40 pages otherwise) based on the reviewed papers and presented within the course.

Templates for the Bachelorthesis (in German and English): for Word and for Latex

Selected open Topics for Bachelortheses

TopicContact person
Big-KG OLAP User InterfaceBashar Ahmad
Conversational OLAPChristoph Schütz
Knowledge Graph ETLBashar Ahmad
Multilevel Business Process Modeling: Solving the Multilevel Process Challenge with Multilevel Business ArtifactsChristoph Schütz
Proposal for TopicMichael Schrefl
eTutor++: MDXChristoph Schütz
eTutor++: OWLSebastian Gruber
eTutor++: Objectrelational DatabasesSebastian Gruber
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