Big-KG OLAP User Interface

ThemengebietWeb User interface
AufgabenstellungBig-KG OLAP is a framework for knowledge graph OLAP system, where the user can ingest vast amount of data and then perform analytics query using SQL-like queries. The system is based on Knowledge graphs and provide a RESTful API to allow user to ingest new data to the system and query from the system. Currently, the usage of the system is done manually using RESTful API request from a simple python client program. We need to create a web user interface using NextJS, so the user can perform these operations at ease. The user interface should satisfy the following requirements: - Login / Authentication: The interface should provide the user with a login page, and using the backend RESTful API it should allow the user to authenticate. For every request from the client the UI will include the proper security header establish when the user logged in. - Provide a query IDE for the KGs: the backend allows the user to query using special queries, the UI should be able to parse and validate given queries by the user, pass them on the backend system and show the result upon arrival. All done via RESTfull API request to the backend system. - Monitoring capabilities of the ingestion and queries activities: the backend system keep matric information about the activities of the whole system, the UI should retrieve these information and display it in a nice way.
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KontaktBashar Ahmad