Specification of Evolutionary Algorithm under Constraints Post-Filtering/Ordering (EU-H2020-Project SlotMachine)

C. Schütz, S. Jaburek
Technical Report
TR2201 (December, 2022)
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Abstract (English)

This Deliverable is part of a project that has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No 890456 under European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

The SlotMachine system employs an evolutionary algorithm in conjunction with multiparty computation to optimize flight lists in a privacy-preserving way. This document describes the Heuristic Optimizer component of the SlotMachine system, which realizes the evolutionary algorithm for finding solutions to the SlotMachine flight prioritization problem. The Heuristic Optimizer provides an extendable framework allowing to plug in different implementations of evolutionary algorithms for optimization of flight lists; this document describes a configurable genetic algorithm implementation. Experiments conducted with generated synthetic data for different scenarios serve to evaluate the implementation of the Heuristic Optimizer.

Keywords: Air traffic flow management, evolutionary algorithm, genetic algorithm, assignment problem, privacy

Technical Report, Projekt SELOTMACHINE, Deliverable D4.2, CORDIS - EU Research Results, Projekt-DOI: https://doi.org/10.3030/890456, 2022.

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