An Environment and Language for Industrial Use of Model-Based Diagnosis

F. Fleischanderl, H. Schreiner, T. Havelka, M. Stumptner, F. Wotawa
Stum00j (2000)
Mugur Tatar (ed.): Proceedings of the ECAI Workshop W31 on Knowledge-Based Systems for Model-Based Engineering, 22. August 2000, Berlin, Deutschland, 2000.
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Model-based diagnosis provides a well founded theory and a set of algorithms for finding and fixing a misbehavior caused by components. Actually applying model-based diagnosis effectively requires a flexible implementation which is capable of handling the differing requirements of multiple application domains. The diagnosis framework described in this paper has been developed for the purpose of being used in an industrial setting. It derives a significant part of its effectiveness from being integrated with a component oriented language for describing diagnosis models. The framework itself contains a class library comprising several different diagnosis engines having a standardized interface and allows rapid prototyping of diagnosis applications. The paper describes the framework, shows the engineering application domains where the framework was applied, and gives an overview of the capability of the system description language AD2L.