AD2L - A Programming Language for Model-Based Systems (Preliminary Report)

T. Havelka, M. Stumptner, F. Wotawa
Stum00f (2000)
Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX-00), June, 8-10, 2000, Morelia, Mexico, 2000.
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Model-based reasoning in general and model-based diagnosis (MBD) in particular has become a very important technique for providing solutions to real-world problems. However, modeling has become a problem making the use of MBD in companies difficult or even preventing it from being considered. Reasons are the lack of modeling principles and a general accepted language for modeling. In this paper we propose a programming language AD2L specially tailored for describing systems to be diagnosed. In addition, we discuss guidelines a modeling language should or even must fulfill, give some properties of the language, and an overview about further extensions increasing the applicability of AD2L.