JADE - A Step towards an Intelligent Debugger

C. Mateis, M. Stumptner, D. Wieland, F. Wotawa
Stum00e (2000)
Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX-00), June, 8-10, 2000, Morelia, Mexico, 2000.
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The idea behind Model-based debugging is the notion of using the techniques of model-based diagnosis for locating errors in software. This requires the presence of a model of the software being debugged, which is generated automatically from the source code, and combined with test results and user input to identify statements or expressions that may be the cause of incorrect results. We describe the actual interactive use of model-based debugging support for Java programs, based on an extended version of a previously presented model for representing these programs. Even with an extremely simple model, the system uses the diagnosis outcomes to guide user interaction with the debugger and lead the user (programmer) towards the source of the error. We compare the behavior of the integrated debugger with the outcomes of methods from the programming community.