An OLAP Client for Hetero-Homogeneous Data Warehouses

C. Schütz, J. Roth, B. Neumayr, M. Schrefl
Schu15b (2015)
Proceedings Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Workshop (EDOCW) at 19th IEEE Conference on Enterprise Computing Conference (EDOC 2015), 22.-25. September 2015, Adelaide, Australia, Demo paper and poster presentation, pp. 140-143, 2015.
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Kurzfassung (Englisch)

Data warehouses combine data from various, often heterogeneous sources. The hetero-homogeneous approach to data warehouse modeling allows for the representation of heterogeneities while preserving the advantages of homogeneous models. A hetero-homogeneous model allows for the stepwise, controlled introduction of additional levels and measures for different sub-hierarchies and sub-cubes of an otherwise homogeneous model. We demonstrate with a proof-of-concept implementation that existing OLAP technology may be adapted for the use with hetero-homogeneous data warehouses.

Keywords: Business Intelligence, Relational Online Analytical Processing, Heterogeneous Databases