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Coordination of Inter-organisational Healthcare Processes via Specialisation of Internet-Based Object Life Cycles

Autoren: S. Barretto, J. R. Warren, M. Stumptner, M. Schrefl, G. Quirchmayr, S. Nield
Paper: Schr02b (2002)
Zitat: Proceedings of the 35th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-35 2002), January 07-10, 2002, Big Island, Hawaii, U.S.A., IEEE Computer Society Press, ISBN 0-7695-1435-9, pp. 1955-1964, published 2003.
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We describe an approach to healthcare coordination using object life cycles (OLCs). By consulting the OLC of a given patient object instance, the legal methods to apply to that object at that time can be identified - acting as a resource for a clinical workstation accessing the Internet-based instance stored by the host of the inter-organisational hospital unformation system (HIS). To support coordination, each activity results in the posting of summary data to the HIS - handled generically as GEHR (Good Electronic Health Record) transaction archetypes. As well as providing predefined care plan templates, OLCs also allow flexibility and individualisation of care plans. Behaviour-consistent specialisation of OLCs permits the definition of valid variant OLCs. We illustrate the proposed concept in the context of a hospital Early Discharge Program (EDP) - currently driven by a hospital-based care coordinator. An HIS that supported the coordination would allow significant expansion of the program.

Index Terms: object life cycle, refinement, extension, behaviour-consistent specialisation, coordination, healthcare process, health information system (HIS), Good Electronic Health Record (GEHR)