Achieving logical data independence in hypermedia databases

T. Pr├╝ckler, M. Schrefl
Prue97b (1997)
R. Wagner (ed.): Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA '97), Toulouse, France, September 1997, IEEE Computer Society, ISBN 0-8186-8147-0, pp. 160-169, 1997.


In this article we demonstrate that the concept of logical data independence as it is used in conventional databases can be applied beneficially to hypermedia modeling to achieve a clear separation between hypermedia data and applications. We show which aspects of logical data independence can be distinguished in hypermedia databases and we describe an architecture which is constructed similar to the architecture of a conventional database. This paper is a continuation of previous work, where we described how physical data independence can be achieved for hypermedia database management systems.