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Guided Query Composition with Semantic OLAP Patterns

Authors: I. Kovacic, C. Schütz, S. Schausberger, R. Sumereder, M. Schrefl
Paper: Kova18a (2018)
Citation: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Data Analytics Solutions for Real-Life Applications (DARLI-AP 2018), EDBT/ICDT 2018 Joint Conference, Vienna, Austria, March 26, 2018, CEUR Workshop Proceedings (Vol. 2083), URN: urn:nbn:de:0074-2083-1, Download PDF:, pp. 67-74, 2018.
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Abstract (English):

Enabling domain experts to independently compose ad hoc OLAP queries is the primary goal of semantic OLAP (semOLAP) patterns. In this respect, a semOLAP pattern represents a recurring domain-independent OLAP query by describing the application scope and defining the structure of the query using formal pattern elements (FPEs). Such a semOLAP pattern is executable: In order to execute a semOLAP pattern, the user instantiates the pattern by providing FPE bindings. In this paper, we propose an approach for guided query composition which considers the inherent query structure in order to determine a navigation flow and recommend possible bindings for the corresponding FPEs. Guidance supports both existing as well as future, currently unidentified sem\-OLAP patterns. The presented approach has been implemented in the course of a collaborative research project between industry and academia on precision dairy farming.