SIGMAFDB: Overview of the Magdeburg-Approach to Database Federations

M. Höding, K. Schwarz, S. Conrad, G. Saake, S. Balko, A. Diekmann, E. Hildebrandt, K.-U. Sattler, I. Schmitt, C. Türker
Conr99c (1999)
S. Conrad, W. Hasselbring, G. Saake (Hrsg.): Proc. 2nd International Workshop on Engineering Federated Information Systems (EFIS '99), Kühlungsborn, Deutschland, 5.-7. Mai 1999, Infix Verlag, ISBN 3-89601-013-1, pp. 139-146, 1999.
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The SIGMA FDB project attempts to offer an approach to schema integration and integrity constraint maintenance in the field of federated database systems. In this extended abstract, we present our view on federated database systems and sketch the main results of our group's work. Especially, we briefly discuss different research aspects and implementation activities.