Engineering Federated Information Systems

S. Conrad, W. Hasselbring, G. Saake
E9902 (1999)
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop EFIS `99, May 5-7, 1999, K├╝hlungsborn, Deutschland, Infix-Verlag, Sankt Augustin, ISBN 3-89601-013-1, 1999.


This second workshop aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in various issues in the development of federated information systems (FIS). FIS are am emerging research area, addressing the goals of transparent interoperation of autonomous, heterogeneous information sources. As many examples of information systems in application areas show, there is an increasing need to make information available via some kind of network for "global" applications, but also for local applications using semantically related information.

The contributions cover the following topics:

* Analysis, design and implementation of FIS
* CASE tool support for the development of FIS
* Software architectures for FIS
* Metadata management in FIS
* Managing heterogeneous information sources including semi-structured data
* Experience with middleware platforms for building FIS
* Technological support for the integration of legacy systems
* Influence of the application domain on the Design of FIS
* Evaluation of FIS approaches

These proceedings volume includes 7 long and 7 short papers which were selected for presentation at the workshop.