Dynamic Semantic Interoperability for Business Processes

Project duration
January 2009 - January 2012
Funded by
Australian Research Council
Project number

Short description
The integration of independently developed applications constitutes one of the major bottlenecks in modern software development in business, industry, and defense, in particular for a nation such as Australia that is highly reliant on overseas trade. Technologies that facilitate the smooth application integration promise significant savings in software development. By offering automated support task, this project offers the potential of significant cost savings, highly beneficial to any industry with a major ICT component. Lessons learned from the demonstration prototype can be directly carried over into commercial tool development. The project strengthens links to high quality European research laboratories.

Project team
Michael Schrefl - Partner Investigator (DKE)
Markus Stumptner - Chief Investigator
Dan Corbett - Chief Investigator

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