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A Security Architecture for Mobile E-Commerce

Project duration: January 2001 - January 2003
Funded by: Australian Research Council
Project number: ARC-C00107140
Short description: Mobile e-commerce is the ability to perform commercial transactions from a mobile phone or other wireless device. Although it is predicted that the volume of personal mobile e-commerce will exceed that from fixed computers by 2005, the security technology which is vital for its success has not been agreed. This project will develop a practical security architecture for mobile e-commerce, with security equal to that for fixed e-commerce, which inter-operates readily with fixed e-commerce technologies, and which provides sufficient stability to be built into mass-produced mobile phones. A prototype implementation will be produced to prove the concepts.
Project team: 
Michael Schrefl - Partner Investigator (DKE)
Chris Steketee - Chief Investigator (University of South Australia)
Philip Moseley - External Collaborator (Motorola Australia Software Centre)