Portland State University

Department of Computer Science

Joint Publications

C. Schütz, L. Delcambre, M. Schrefl:
Multilevel Business Artifacts
In: M. La Rosa and P. Soffer (Eds.): BPM 2012 Workshops, Proceedings of the Workshop on Data- and Artifact-centric BPM (DAB 2012), Tallinn, Estonia, September 3-6, 2012, Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP Vol. 132), pp. 304-315, 2012.
C. Schütz, M. Schrefl, L. Delcambre:
Multilevel Business Process Modeling: Motivation, Approach, Design Issues, and Applications
In: Aparna S. Varde, Fabian M. Suchanek (Eds.): Proceedings of the 5th Ph.D. Wokirshop on Information and Knowledge Management (PIKM 2012) at the ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2012), Maui, Hawaii, U.S.A., October 29th - November 2nd, 2012, ACM Press, ISBN 978-1-4503-1719-1, pp. 91-94, 2012.

Research Stays

1 March 2012 - 31 August 2012Christoph Schütz